Instagram Reels Comments: 5 Clever Tactics To Get More Engagement

Instagram Reels Comments 5 Clever Tactics To Get More Engagement


Engagement on Instagram is an essential aspect of any successful social media strategy. One of the most effective ways to boost engagement is by encouraging comments on your posts. This can be done by finding clever tactics to get more comments on Instagram Reels.

In this article, we will discuss five clever tactics that can help you get more engagement with Instagram Reels comments. This includes using relevant hashtags, asking questions, giving genuine compliments, sharing useful content, and being responsive. By using these tactics, you will be able to foster conversation and drive engagement with your followers.

Tactic 1: Use Relevant Hashtags

Regarding effectively using hashtags to get more comments on Instagram Reels, relevance is key. Using relevant hashtags can help your Reels reach the right audience and increase engagement. Using relevant hashtags makes it easier for potential viewers to find your content. Additionally, using relevant hashtags can help your Reels reach accounts similar to yours in terms of content, providing increased visibility for your post.

When selecting relevant hashtags, look for tags that are related to the content of your post. This will help you to reach an audience that is interested in your Reels, increasing the likelihood of engagement. Additionally, look for popular and trending hashtags that are related to your post, as these hashtags can help your Reels reach a wider audience.

It is also important to avoid using too many hashtags. Using too many hashtags can come off as spammy and can be seen as annoying by potential viewers. When selecting relevant hashtags, stick to a maximum of 5-10 hashtags per post. This will help you to increase engagement without coming off as too spammy.

Another helpful tactic to increase engagement is to follow popular and relevant accounts. This will allow you to get more exposure for your content and help you to reach a larger audience. Additionally, following popular accounts related to your content can also help to increase engagement as these accounts can help to promote your content to their followers.

Finally, make sure to use hashtags relevant to your post and popular and trending hashtags. This will help you to reach a larger audience and gain more attention on Instagram. Additionally, make sure to follow popular and relevant accounts to get more exposure for your content. With these tactics, you can effectively use relevant hashtags to get more comments on Instagram Reels and increase engagement.

Tactic 2: Ask Questions

Asking questions is an effective way to generate more engagement for your Instagram Reels comments. Questions can help spark conversations and encourage users to respond to your posts with thoughtful comments.

When crafting your questions, making them relevant and engaging is important. Think of questions that will encourage users to share their opinion or experiences. For example, if your posts are about fashion, you can ask users what their favorite fashion item is or what trends they can’t wait to try next season. If your posts are about travel, you can ask users about their dream destination or the best trip they’ve ever taken.

It’s also important to make sure your questions are open-ended. Ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer. Open-ended questions allow users to share more detailed and insightful responses. For example, instead of asking, “Do you like to cook?” You can ask, “What is your favorite dish to cook?”

In addition to asking engaging questions, you can also ask users to share their opinion on a specific topic. This will help create an interactive experience and encourage users to respond. For example, if you’re posting about lifestyle tips, you can ask users what tips have worked for them or what topics they’d like to see more of in the future.

You can also ask users to participate in polls or to tag their friends in your posts. This will help drive engagement by making your posts more interactive and engaging.

Asking questions is a great way to get more comments on your Instagram Reels posts. Make sure to craft relevant questions to your posts and encourage users to share their opinions and experiences. Ask open-ended questions, and don’t be afraid to ask users to participate in polls or tag their friends. These tactics will help drive more engagement and get more comments on your Instagram Reels posts this month.

Tactic 3: Give Genuine Compliments

Giving genuine compliments is the third tactic to get more engagement with Instagram Reels comments. Compliments are a great way to show your followers that you appreciate their posts and help create an engaging and positive environment. Compliments can also help spark conversation, as your followers might reply to your comment or even start up a conversation with you.

When giving compliments, make sure that they are genuine. It’s important to show that your compliments are sincere and that you genuinely appreciate their content. Try to make your compliments specific and tailored to the post. For example, if someone posts a picture of a homemade meal, instead of just saying, “Great picture,” you could say, “I love how you plated the food; the colors look amazing!”

Be sure to give compliments that are appropriate for the post. For instance, if you are viewing a post that is a tribute to a loved one, be sure to give a heartfelt compliment that honors the post and acknowledges the emotions behind it.

You could also give compliments that have to do with personal achievement or growth. For example, if someone has posted about an accomplishment they’ve achieved, you could comment something like, “It’s so inspiring to see how far you’ve come, congratulations!”

Finally, sharing compliments with friends is a great way to drive engagement. If you have friends who have posted something you love, be sure to shout them and share your appreciation. This is a great way to show that you care and also encourage others to do the same.

Giving genuine compliments is an excellent way to engage with your followers, build relationships, and show your appreciation. Be sure to make your compliments specific, appropriate, and heartfelt to help drive engagement.

Tactic 4: Share Useful Content

Sharing useful and informative content on Instagram Reels is an exceptional strategy to enhance engagement and elicit more comments from your followers. The impact of this approach can be further amplified by leveraging the option to purchase cheap Instagram Reels comments. By combining the power of compelling content with an increased number of comments, you can establish a strong online presence and attract a larger audience. By providing content that is interesting, helpful, and entertaining, followers will be more likely to engage with your posts and leave comments.

When sharing content, it’s important to be selective and only post relevant content to your audience. This could include content related to your industry, such as tutorials, how-to’s, or other educational content. It could also include content about current events or topics related to your audience’s interests.

Sharing content can also extend to other accounts. Consider reposting content from other accounts that are interesting and relevant to your own. You can also repost content from followers who have commented on your posts, which can be a great way to reward followers for their support and encourage more Instagram Reels comments.

In addition, consider partnering with other brands or influencers to create content. This could involve co-hosting a Reels challenge or creating Reels content together. Partnering with other accounts is a great way to get more eyes on your content and can help to boost engagement.

When sharing content, it’s also essential to use captions that will engage followers. Ask questions, tell stories, and use humor or puns to make your captions stand out. Captions should also be kept short and to the point, as long captions can be off-putting for followers.

By sharing relevant, interesting, and engaging content, you can encourage more comments and get more engagement on your Instagram Reels. This helps build relationships with your followers and establish your account as a source of useful and informative content.

Tactic 5: Be Responsive

Responding to comments is one of the most important tactics for increasing engagement with Instagram Reels comments. It shows that you are active and engaged with your audience, and it creates a sense of community and connection. When people feel like they are part of a community, they are more likely to comment, like, and share your posts.

When responding to comments, make sure to be respectful and friendly. People want to feel heard and appreciated, so make sure to take the time to read each comment and respond in a thoughtful and genuine way. This will show your audience that you care about their feedback and opinions.

A great way to respond to comments is to acknowledge the comment and then add something to the conversation. Consider asking a question to get the conversation going if someone has a thought-provoking comment. This will open up the dialogue and encourage more people to comment.

You can also use emojis and GIFs to respond to comments. This adds a bit of fun to the conversation and shows your followers that you are in on the joke. Just make sure that you use the appropriate emoji or GIF for the comment.

Creating content that encourages conversation is also essential for driving engagement. Posting content that sparks discussion and debate will encourage people to comment and engage with your post. Consider posting polls, questions, and funny anecdotes to get people talking.

By being responsive and creating content that encourages conversation, you can increase engagement with your Instagram Reels comments. People are likelier to comment and engage with your posts if they feel part of a community. Take the time to respond to comments and create content that sparks conversation to increase engagement with your posts.


Driving engagement on Instagram Reels can be a challenge, but the five tactics discussed in this article can help! By using relevant hashtags, posing questions, giving compliments, sharing useful content, and being responsive to comments, you can increase engagement and activity on your Instagram Reels.

These steps can help you create an exciting and interactive Instagram community. With these tactics at your disposal, you can use Instagram Reels to engage your followers and attract new ones.

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